Locally Grown, Grass-Fed & Finished Beef & All-Natural, Outdoor-Raised Pork for Sale


Hormone & Antibiotic Free!

Grass-fed & finished, free-range beef and all-natural, outdoor-raised pork from our local Shenandoah Valley farm to your door

No Added Hormones or Antibiotics!

We locally raise Black Angus cows and Yorkshire pigs on Long Pond Farm alongside the famous Shenandoah River in nearby Berryville, Virginia.  Available in manageable, ready-to-deliver USDA-Certifed “boxes” or in bulk via pre-order, our delicious grass-fed & finished, free-range beef (no cheap grain or fillers to “fatten them up”) and all-natural, outdoor-raised pork (raised outside of cages with plenty of room to root around) is some of the most flavorful and nutritious meat available in the local area.  And both are raised entirely without additional hormones or antibiotics!  Buy our healthy, locally grown beef and pork directly from our farm today to enjoy with family and friends!

Let’s Get Started …

Here’s how you can buy our delicious grass-fed & finished, free-range beef and all-natural, outdoor-raised pork – both locally grown without additional hormones or antibiotics:

  1. USDA-Certified beef and pork “boxes” are perfect for in-town households, smaller families or folks with smaller freezer capacity.  They are also an excellent choice for a festive party or barbeque!  Choose from our pre-selected boxes, each with a minimum weight of 20 lbs. of healthy, nutritious beef and pork steaks, chops, burger and sausage.  Each “box” fills about 2/3 of a large paper grocery bag so you don’t need a huge freezer and is ready to order using the “What’s Available” links below.
  2. Pre-order bulk meat by buying a quarter- or half-share of beef or half-share of pork in one of our animals.   Great for stocking up and the best value for money.   Sold by the hanging weight*, $500 per quarter-beef or $300 per half-hog deposit due at order, balance of your hanging weight share cost due before your animal leaves the Abattoir.  Requires the rest of the animal’s shares to also be pre-sold, which is not guaranteed (best is to go in with a friend!).  We will transport your shared animal to the Abattoir when it’s ready, review cut-sheets with you to select your cuts before processing (custom cuts available with a half-cow and half-pig) and will coordinate the final delivery of your share to you.  LIMITED STOCK, subject to livestock availability, seasonal conditions and processing schedule.  Requires you have at least a 7 cubic foot freezer. See the “What’s Available” boxes below and the bulk flyer for additional details.  * Hanging Weight – actual cut/wrapped weight equals aprox. 60-70% of Hanging Weight
  3. Once we receive your order and pick-up/”meat-up” request, we’ll reach out to coordinate getting your meat to you (see Pick-up/Meat-up section below for details).
  4. Have questions or need additional help deciding which option fits your budget, space and needs? Click on the “What’s Available” links below for more detailed explanations of choices, cuts, weights and prices, call or text us at 540-227-0280 or email us via the Request Info box to send us a note.

What’s Available?

PREMIUM BEEF BOX – $379 ($18.95/lb.)
Selection of Premium Steaks and Ground Burger Packs for all different preparations

SPECIALTY PORK BOX – $259 ($12.95/lb.)
Selection of Specialty Chops, Bacon or Ham and Ground Sausage Packs for all different preparations

Enjoy this Specialty Beef Burger Box as a summer add-on to any of our Premium or Specialty boxes while seasonal supplies last

Value-priced box of Brisket, Ribs and Roasts specifically selected for smoking, roasting or slow cooking

PREMIUM MIXED BOX – $319 ($15.95/lb.)
Assorted Premium Steaks, Pork Chops, Ground Burger, Sausage, and Kabobs that are great for grilling!

Custom Steaks, Filet, Roasts and Ground Burger by the quarter-beef

Custom-cut chops, roasts, ham steaks, bacon, and sausage

Long Pond Farm’s Beef and Pork Highlights Include …

Locally grown in Berryville, Virginia without the use of added  hormones or antibiotics to improve health and quality
Free-range, grass-fed and finished Angus cows with no artificial supplements, additives or ingredients – just fresh air, healthy grass and incredible sunsets!  You’ll notice our meat having more flavor and “mouth-feel” than what you buy at the grocery store.  It’s also chock-full of the micro-nutrients and antioxidants found in beta-carotene, a natural form of Vitamin A present in our nutritious pasture grass.
All-natural Yorkshire pigs raised outside (not in small cages) with fresh air, room to root and pleasant views.  This healthy lifestyle promotes flavor and tenderness!
Our farm sits on a plentiful Limestone aquifer so animals drink clean, naturally filtered water from our spring-fed cisterns and wells.  And since the farm is in a “light shadow” area, animals sleep peacefully under beautiful starlight skies.  We all know good sleep promotes good health!
Long Pond beef is “dry-aged” by hanging in a cooler for a minimum of 15 days to tenderize the meat and improve flavor.  Hanging in a controlled-temperature cooler allows the meat’s grass-fed enzymes to continue breaking down its proteins over time and further improve eating quality.
We partner with local, USDA-certified Abattoir’s for the finest Butchery services available in the Shenandoah Valley.  Humane, compassionate Abattoir processes lower animal stress and improve meat flavor while our USDA Certification assures you of top quality meat processing and product safety.
All our meat is individually packed by the piece unless otherwise noted in the “box” description.  Each piece is then clearly labeled for either our USDA-Certified “boxes” or custom-cut bulk sales, commercially vacuum-packed for freshness and deep-frozen for storage and delivery.
For ready-to-deliver USDA-Certified “boxes”, once your order is confirmed and your payment is processed, we will quickly coordinate your farm pick-up or “meat-up” at one of our local area spots.  For custom-cut bulk orders, we take time to explain all the steps involved in determining your order and, as your agent, walk you through the entire animal selection, cuts decision, butchering and delivery process.


How It Gets From Our Farm To Your Table (also known as Pick-up or “Meat-up”)…

Long Pond Farm is located in Berryville, VA about 40 miles west of Dulles International Airport on Route 7 in the Shenandoah Valley.  To pick-up your order, you are welcome to make a day trip to the farm while enjoying numerous nearby sights. And since we’re local, we also have twice-monthly coordinated “meat-ups” (get it?) in the Dulles Airport, Tyson’s Corner and close-in Montgomery County, MD areas and can easily coordinate to meet you at one of our local area spots.  Shipping meat to you via 2-day shipping and “meat-ups” outside of our regular service areas can be arranged with advance notice and applicable additional shipping/delivery fees.  Please call, text or Request Info for more information.

Buy local, farm-direct meat and save $$

while enjoying delicious, locally grown grass-fed & finished beef and all-natural pork, with raised without additional hormones or antibiotics!

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